Fully Integrated Search for Fast Growing Brands

With Algolia's as-you-type search, customers think less about how to search and more about what they find. Perceptiv Digital also ensures there is automatic catalogue sync between Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud and Algolia search so your search is always up to date.

How algolia boosts user experience


Increase customer satisfaction by serving relevant results. If a user can't find a product, they won't buy it!

Typo Tolerance

Have your search results page, navigation and pagination updated in realtime, after each keystroke.


From a simple dashboard, get valuable information on how your customers are searching and what they're searching for.


Deliver lightning fast results to your customers, anywhere in the world thanks to our distributed search network.

Instant Filtering

Provide as-you-type updated filters and make your search bar a powerful browsing tool.

Catalog Auto-Sync

Benefit from realtime indexing that instantly captures product additions, price changes, etc. No matter server performance.

Stores Winning with Algolia search

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Try the custom search we created for BikeBug. They have reported increase engagement, user experience and a boost in conversions ever since the new search was implemented.

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Flex Fitness Equipment

Fast intuitive search was super important to Flex so that their shoppers can find the equipment they need with no fuss. We ended up building a custom search that is visual and on-brand.

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what type of search would you like?

Choose between 2 implementation options


Beautiful on-brand design
one off cost


Custom Layout
Automated Sync
Fully Setup on Your Store
Ready in 5-7 Work Days

Ongoing cost of $69 p/m

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Custom + Filters

Custom + including filters for even better UX
one off cost


Custom Layout
Automated Sync
Fully Setup on Your Store
Full filter setup + UI
Ready in 5-7 Work Days

Ongoing cost of $69 p/m

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Pricing Breakdown

There are 3 costs you need to be aware of:

  1. One off build cost - this includes the API sync app creation between your store and Algolia including the UI build out on a clone template.
  2. Ongoing app cost - this is typically $69 per month and covers the ongoing API sync between your store and Algolia. The sync takes place several times per day and is fully maintained and managed by our team. For stores with an excess of 100k SKUs, the ongoing cost increases to $99 to cover additional server processing requirements.
  3. Algolia usage - this is paid directly by the client to Algolia each month depending on their plan and usage. This is not paid to us.
Why are there ongoing costs?

The ongoing cost of $69 p/m to us covers support and the API sync process that runs every 3hrs so that Algolia has the latest product information from your store. You can also opt to pay this annually with a small saving at $800 p/a.The other ongoing cost, which is paid directly to Algolia, is for your usage, which may vary each month.

How often is the search updated?

We run the sync process every 3 hours, and we only sync products that have had searches, making the process very efficient.

What does the search look like on my site?

We'll give you some visual options during onboarding but essentially the aim is to make the visual output of the search results mimic or resemble your existing Category page so that there is visual consistency in the design across both. Products will show exactly how they do on your website and we'll aim to encapsulate the store's product thumb options so that logic and visuals match. There might be outlier situations where we cannot match the logic or functionality, and this would be discussed during scoping.

Our team will handle both desktop and mobile version of the search UI.

How long does deployment take?

This depends on the type of setup you would like. Typically however you can expect your search to be built, tested and deployed in 5-10 working days.

Can i control how my search results show?

Yes, we can completely control the look of the results shown as well as the order or priority of the results shown. Additionally, we can set specific synonyms to ensure jargon or misspellings return the intended results.

What can i expect if i'm ready to go ahead?

The first thing that will happen is you will receive a call from our team to discuss your search requirements and asses which type of search would be most suitable to your store. We will also ask you questions about how many products you currently have and explain what the end to end process will look like. Our expert Neto / Maropost Commerce Cloud team will build your custom search as per the scope and we’ll make the demo available for review. Once approved, our team will deploy the search on your website in the preferred layout/design.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes, that’s one the great benefits for merchants. As part of the service our team is available for support and any subsequent changes or tweaks needed (billable).

Who owns my data?

Whilst Perceptiv Digital has access to your data in order to make everything work as intended, you own everything and we will never use your data for any reason.