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Enjoy the strength and experience of a global team covering 14hrs per Australian day. With that peace of mind, you can reach out almost anytime and get a response or get something done. In the eCommerce world, getting things done right the first time and done quickly is absolutely key and our team rises to that challenge.


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Let’s get to know each other – we’ll go first

Our experienced team is made up of experts in each of the skillsets and functions that help create growth and revenue and… revenue growth for our clients. It’s our passion, our expertise, and our results speak (very loudly) for themselves.


CEO / Strategist / Growth Accelerant – loves labels

If you work with Igor, brace yourself for: enthusiasm, ambition and drive – and lots of it. A laser focus on growing your results and revenue, means that Igor and the team will strive to ensure that you are winning, and that you understand how and why – all good things!

Superpower: constantly falling and staying passionately in love with the challenges of optimising web development, online marketing strategies and execution… oh, and he loves his family (probably should have led with that).

If there’s a good way to achieve an outcome, there must also be a better way… which I will find, refine and apply, for the benefit of our clients.


Project Manager / Communicator / Avid Collector of Certificates and Qualifications

If you work with Rod, brace yourself for: efficiency personified and a man with eyes only for seeing you succeed. With 13 years’ experience managing small to complex ICT projects of all kinds, you are in safe and experienced hands with Rod and his (deep breath) master’s degree in project management and Economic Strategies, Project Management Professional PMP… see more on LinkedIn.

Superpower: Planning and also bending and stretching time to ensure project deadlines are met. How else could you explain all those degrees and certificates as well as a full and rewarding life spent with family and friends, and reading, watching YouTube channels, studying (yes, more study)?


Performance Manager (Acting) /Multi-Lane, Information Superhighway/Marketing Opportunist

If you work with Tyla, brace yourself for: all the opportunities for SEO upside maximisation all in one go. With access to all the avenues to optimisation solutions and options, Tyla is always keen to keep her clients in the know and at least a couple of steps ahead of the game, the market and your competition.

Superpower: As a multi-tasking mother of two, Tyla is no stranger to prioritising tasks, while simultaneously creating opportunities, while simultaneously planning program executions, while simultaneously ensuring the needs of her clients are met and exceeded while… you get the picture.

Sarah G.

SEO Specialist/Campaign and account management/Research and Concepts

If you work with Sarah, brace yourself for: a clear and precise understanding of your campaigns and the benefits that experience and SEO expertise can deliver to your bottom line. With a focus on conversion rate optimisation, Sarah’s innate understanding of website strategy means that achieving your goals remains our priority.

Superpower: Sarah has a talent for demystifying and simplifying potentially difficult-to-understand processes and strategies to deliver desired outcomes. With a long track record of delivering success through research, tracking and audits for SME portfolios, a superpowers as simple as simplification, clarity and focus are a significant advantage for our clients.


Project Manager/Digital and Multimedia hands-on hybrid

If you work with Jordan, brace yourself for: a unique take on management that stems from experiential knowledge of all a projects moving parts and a keenness to keep clients informed. Having worked in the digital and multimedia realms for the majority of his career, Jordan brings vision/goal-centred insights to his management practices and our clients reap the benefits.

Superpower: A surprisingly fast runner, Jordan’s biomechanical efficiency relates to his ability to bring a project’s many and varied moving parts together harmoniously. And while smiling is not officially a superpower, Jordan’s omnipresent and infectious smile is indeed, an added bonus.

Sarah C.

Office Manager / HR and Payroll / Accounts / Designated Cavoodle Carer

If you work with Sarah, brace yourself for: a bracing blast of positivity, inspiration and efficiency. As head of culture, payroll and accounts, Sarah makes sure the business side of Perceptiv runs seamlessly. Organisation comes with the territory and mercifully, so does a cheerful disposition.

Superpower: well, Sarah is Igor’s wife, a super Mum to two wonderful daughters, heads up the financial side of the broader business and still insists she’s married to the greatest man in the world. Wonderful… and super(b)!

Nikola [the first]

Senior Software Engineer / Fixer / Aspiring Off-Road Driver / Talented Cook with the Pics to Prove it

If you work with Nikola (the first), brace yourself for: excellence in everything. An inquisitive mind with an abundance of engineering acumen, Nikola’s innate ability to “fix anything” applies to software as well as electrical, mechanical, automotive, plumbing… there’s literally no end to his ability to make things work!

Superpower: Take your pick – cooking, photography, driving, it’s all there. But the one you will want to look out for his talent with software. Ultimately the whole team is invested in ensuring the client/customer experience is effective and ultimately profitable… but it’s nice to know that the team that works for you is also extremely well-fed. Thanks Nikola!


Senior Web Developer / Problem Solver / Finds the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

If you work with Alex, brace yourself for: an analytical mind geared to problem solving and clarifying complex issues. Is it any wonder that Alex is a fan of solving enormous 5000+ piece jigsaw puzzles? When not all the information is readily available, Alex is still able to see the big picture and bring a project to life.

Superpower: one of the great things about superpowers is that a lot of the time they are innate, we just have them. That’s why Alex is so adept at deciphering problem fragments and seeing solutions. The same is true of his uncanny ability to solve maths problem and yet this superpower seems so passe to him – puzzling!


PPC Specialist / Analytical / Outdoor Enthusiast / Moustache Ambassador

If you work with Marko, brace yourself for: a healthy serve of experience and focused expertise being applied to your project delivery with an unerring eye for detail. Expect the joys of “futsal” to be woven into the fabric of project discussions, just for good measure.

Superpower: with a profile that highlights the outdoors, swimming, cycling and music as well as iconic, Uruguayan indoor phenomenon, futsal, Marko’s superpower must surely relate to his ability to excel on projects while most humans would be too physically exhausted to even turn up.


PPC Specialist/Results Optimiser/Process Streamliner

If you work with Dan, brace yourself for: the onscreen answers you’ve been looking for, quickly and with a minimum of fuss. As a motivated and no-nonsense operator in the digital space, Dan focuses on the shortest route between where your business brand is now and where you need it to be i.e. top of mind for your whole target audience.

Superpower: In a complicated world often wrapped up in red tape and convoluted processes, Dan has the gift of clarity of purpose and the ability to streamline processes. No stranger to hard work in the gym, Dan applies that same focus and effort into getting results so that your business gets what it needs, fast.

Nikola [the sequel]

Software Engineer / Web Developer / Snooker Abolitionist

If you work with Nikola (the sequel), brace yourself for: a cascade of enthusiasm for “making things happen” and not just anything – Nikola loves programming, and his passion for enabling, changing and optimising what clients interact with onscreen is what has kept him coming back for more since 2016.

Superpower: none of this comes easy: creating stellar immersive experiences for clients and their customers. So to say that patience is required is an understatement. It may actually be a superpower! A penchant for football and basketball balances Nikola’s scales so, in this busy day and age, perhaps work/life balance is also his superpower.


SEO Specialist / Perceptive Problem Solver / Caffeinated Movie Buff

If you work with Tijana, brace yourself for: someone with their finger on the pulse of the mechanics of optimisation while being completely plugged into the human experience and the responses that the work should precipitate. As a very perceptive operator (ready-made pun intended), Tijana often intuitively arrives at the solutions before the problem can even be defined – be ready.

Superpower: while intuitiveness is not always seen as a superpower, the ability to apply problem-solving endeavours and practices certainly makes for super-satisfying results for clients. Coupled with a self-confessed adoration for coffee and the performing arts, Tijana is a deceptively, perceptive specialist.


SEO Specialist /Creative thinker/ Digital marketing expert

If you work with Stasha, brace yourself for: an SEO expert that equates passion, drive and creativity with success. A day wherein problems are solved, algorithms are made to cooperate, and the complex is made simple, is just another day for Stasha, in a profession she truly loves. Experienced in everything from links building, SEO and content, Stasha defines today’s digital marketing “triple threat”.

Superpower: Let’s just get it out there – Stasha is a dancer (literally) that can dance to the beat of your brand’s drum while keeping up with the everchanging algorithms. The fact that the ultra-serious task of ensuring online searchability and brand recognition is no laughing matter, belies Stasha’s ability to enjoy herself and let her infectious sense of humour brighten every interaction.


Web Developer/UX Perfectionist/ CSS Completist

If you work with Ivan, brace yourself for: all the benefits of a dedicated resource, focused on the creation, upkeep and enhancement of your online platform. With an eye for detail and demonstrated dedication to optimal user experiences, Ivan’s pixel-perfect CSS magic transforms online brands from ordinary to absolutely extraordinary.

Superpower: Extraordinary persistence and intellectual curiosity drives Ivan to strive for benchmark performance on the highly responsive WordPress and WooCommerce solutions he develops – and our clients love him for it.

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The values that guide our company culture

Have fun with it. We believe in doing things with passion.

Communicate. Relationships are built on communication.

Write generic copy that sounds pretty, but does not help conversions.

Have fun with it. We believe in doing things with passion.

Communicate. Relationships are built on communication.

Write generic copy that sounds pretty, but does not help conversions.

Have fun with it. We believe in doing things with passion.

Communicate. Relationships are built on communication.

Write generic copy that sounds pretty, but does not help conversions.

People first, profits later. We want people to like working!

Stay fresh. Take action. Do unique, fun things. We like to fail a bit to win a lot.

Keep your feet on the ground. Be confident, but down-to-earth.

People first, profits later. We want people to like working!

Stay fresh. Take action. Do unique, fun things. We like to fail a bit to win a lot.

Keep your feet on the ground. Be confident, but down-to-earth.

People first, profits later. We want people to like working!

Stay fresh. Take action. Do unique, fun things. We like to fail a bit to win a lot.

Keep your feet on the ground. Be confident, but down-to-earth.

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