Helping eCommerce Brands Migrate to Shopify from Neto

eCommerce migrations are riddled with risk, if not done correctly. Maropost and Shopify are two highly capable platforms but they do work differently. Understanding those differences, how you're currently leveraging Maropost and being able to translate your existing and new requirements into Shopify is critical to a successful migration.

  • Platform Migration Consultation
  • Experienced Solution Architect
  • Requirements Gathering + Scoping
  • Complete Data Transformation and Migration
  • Apps, payment, shipping...all set up
  • Fast Mobile Optimised UI Development
  • Marketing Integrations + Enablement
  • QA + Testing
  • Go Live + Post Launch Support
Experienced Shopify & Shopify Plus project managers, developers and solution architects
Who better to understand your migration pain points & requirements than a Gold Neto Partner
With the full migration plan in ClickUp & all stakeholders on the same page, nothing will be missed

Migrating to Shopify

Switching from Neto to Shopify will impact every part of your business, from how you acquire traffic, process orders and engage with your customers.


Platform Selection Consultation

Arrange your FREE no obligation platform selection consult to discuss the key reasons motivating your move to Shopify from Neto.

In our experience, moving isn't always the best solution, it really depends on the goals and the triggers. We understand the typical pain points and know both platforms inside and out, so this discussion can be crucial in helping you determine the best direction for your business.

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Website Design (UI + UX)

We'll develop your brand new website on a staging environment so you can keep an eye on the progress + get your team into the backend so we can get everything set up collaboratively

  • Design Scoping
  • Professional Graphical Mockups
  • Full Shopify Design
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • App & Integration Setup

Data Migration

We'll work with you to transform and/or move all your core Neto information to Shopify, including:

  • Products & Attributes
  • Product Descriptions
  • Categories / Collections
  • Customers
  • Informational Pages
  • Blogs
  • Reviews (if applicable)

Apps & Integrations

Shopify is a little more reliant on apps to deliver certain outcomes, so our team will fully plan and implement the necessary apps to meet your needs.

  • Email Marketing
  • Google, Facebook & Other Product Feeds
  • Reviews
  • Cross Sells and Upsells
  • Personalisation
  • Fast Search
  • Shipping Setup (simple or complex)

Marketing Stack & Enablement

This is one of the key steps when it come to Migrating to Shopify from Neto. Our experienced team will plan and implement all the necessary tracking, feeds and testing to ensure you're ready to go with no down time

  • Google Analytics v4
  • Google Ads Tracking + GMC Feeds
  • Facebook Conversion API + Product Feeds
  • SEO Redirects
  • Reviews
  • Email Marketing (Klaviyo Partner)

QA + Testing

A comprehensive QA and Testing process ensures every stakeholder has confidence we're ready for the switch to Shopify.

  • Full Desktop and Mobile Design QA + Testing
  • Apps and Integration Testing
  • Order & Email Testing
  • Shopify Speed Testing
  • Google Analytics, Facebook etc. Testing
  • Shipping & Payment Methods Testing

Go Live + Post Launch Support

Perceptiv will handle the go live process on the agreed date and at an agreed time. All hands will be on deck.

  • Domain and DNS Changes
  • SEO Redirects
  • QA + Testing (Repeat in Production)
  • UI/UX Audits
  • Collaboration with Marketing & Operations
  • Bug & Defect Support for 2 Weeks

Meticulous Planning = No Surprises

Your dedicated project team at Perceptiv will plan every part of the migration in ClickUp, our tool of choice to keep everyone and everything aligned.

ecommerce stack experts

Your dedicated project team at Perceptiv will plan every part of the migration in ClickUp, our tool of choice to keep everyone and everything aligned.


How much does it cost to migrate from Neto to Shopify?

The cost depends on factors like product catalog size, website design complexity, and data migration requirements. Costs include scoping, UI/UX design, data migration, shipping and payments, and additional expenses for customisations or integrations. Overall costs can range from $12k to $100's of thousands depending on site size and complexity.

Will my website experience downtime during the migration from Neto to Shopify?

A well-planned migration should minimise downtime. Work with experienced professionals who can implement a seamless migration strategy, including using staging environments and coordinating the launch of your new site.

How will migrating from Neto to Shopify affect my SEO rankings?

Migrating from Neto to Shopify can temporarily impact SEO rankings if not properly managed. To minimize negative effects, set up proper URL redirects, maintain consistent URL structures, and follow best practices for on-page SEO during the migration process. Our in-house team has a proven process for ensuring your rank stays intact*.

What integrations and apps will I need for my Shopify store after migrating from Neto?

Identify the essential features and functionality required for your eCommerce store, such as payment gateways, shipping providers, inventory management systems, and marketing tools. We'll ensure that your requirements are met through pre-existing apps and/or custom integrations.

How can I ensure a smooth transition for my customers during the migration from Neto to Shopify?

Communicate with your customers before, during, and after the migration to keep them informed of any changes or potential disruptions. Provide clear instructions for accessing their accounts, placing orders, and contacting support on the new platform.

How long does it take to migrate from Neto to Shopify?

The timeline varies based on the product catalog size, customer records, website design, and resource availability. A typical migration can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

What happens to my existing Neto customer and order data during the migration to Shopify?

The migration process typically involves exporting existing customer and order data from Neto and importing it into Shopify. It's crucial to ensure accurate data transfer and mapping to maintain customer accounts, order histories, and other essential information.

Will my current Neto design and customizations be compatible with Shopify?

Your current design and customizations may require adjustments or complete redevelopment when migrating from Neto to Shopify. Consult with our development team to determine the best approach for maintaining your website's look, feel, and functionality.

How do I choose the right Shopify plan for my eCommerce business after migrating from Neto?

Evaluate Shopify plans based on your unique needs, budget, and growth objectives. Consider factors such as the number of staff accounts, transaction fees, available features, and any additional tools or services that may be included in each plan. Perceptiv can advise on the best Shopify pricing plan for you or if Shopify Plus might be the best fit.

What support and maintenance will be required after migrating from Neto to Shopify?

Generally once the project is complete there are no neccessary support plans. Shopify is a 'managed' platform so the only area of support needed will sit in the continued web development space or marketing space. For the more growth minded brand, consider our Partnership service which gives you a dedicated technical team so you can move fast and grow faster.

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