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Flex Fitness Equipment

Our ongoing partnership has resulted in a 74% revenue uplift, continued growth in all metrics YoY 💪

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Flex Fitness Equipment are an Australian family-owned and operated business supplying top quality fitness equipment to gyms, home users and fitness fanatics.


The data surrounds us everywhere and is potentially fascinating. But data doesn’t say anything on its own. Someone has to help it tell a story to increase its understanding and drive action. Something that Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, an industry leader who founded storytelling with data (SWD), knows well.


Flex set challenging 2021 growth targets for Perceptiv with many Australian’s adapting to different ways to exercise outside of the gym. Preceptiv designed and implemented an SEO and marketing strategy to grow traffic and sales for key Flex categories and products.


  • Strategically added content
  • Sitewide technical SEO
  • Improved interlinking


We saw a 74% increase in revenue and a continued YoY increase every year we focus on strategic growth initiatives.

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