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Gatto Christian Shop

Achieved a 55% increase in revenue and 76% decrease in the cost per sale. Continuing to grow traffic and sales.

Google Ads
Web Design
Maropost Commerce Cloud


Gatto Christian Shop is a family-run boutique business that specialises in gifts for the Christian and Inspirational market.


Before partnering with Perceptiv, the majority of Gatto Shop purchases were made in-store. Their key goal was to launch a national digital strategy to begin capturing online sales and reach new online audiences.


  • Analysis of website structure and CTA’s across the site to identify the best campaign setup.
  • Utilisation of dynamic search ads and keyword campaigns to accommodate a variety of product categories and content.
  • Implementation of a smart shopping campaign.
  • Audience & data segmentation to maximise sales.
  • Continuous testing of bid strategies and automation to drive ROAS increases.


  • 55% increase in revenue
  • 23% increase in sales
  • 76% decrease in cost per sale

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