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Experienced an 84% growth in revenue through Google Ads

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Timberbits specialise in the woodworking niche and are passionate about servicing the needs of woodturners and woodworkers in Australia and around the world. They supply high quality woodworking products and understand the importance of longevity and durability.


Timberbits engaged Perceptiv Digital to reinvigorate their marketing strategy, drive growth across key categories and deploy a content plan to inspire both woodworking enthusiasts and newcomers to the craft. Restructuring their Google Ads account was a key focus.


  • Creation of a new and streamlined Google Ads account structure.
  • Launching new category & brand campaigns.
  • Launching and optimizing a Google Shopping campaign.
  • Adding new ad formats.
  • Testing new automated bidding strategies.
  • Creating DSA ad groups in every campaign with multiple targeting options.


  • 84% increase in revenue
  • 177% increase in sales
  • 37% decrease in average cost per click

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